Never give up !!

Never give up !!

01/10/2019 0 Por happyall

Sometimes the pain is so strong that looks like it will consume you until the last drop. Independent where the pain is in your body, your heart seems like to fail, is difficult to breath, those are the moments that you want to give up, maybe if you not exist, the pain won’t be there…

But this is the easeast way to solve your problems…What about try different, try make the difference, prepare your mind to avoid this kind of thought, a smile can improve somebody’s live ! I can bet that !

Who said that would be easy? Never !! I, at least I, love the challenge ! I live at the present moment, prepare myself for the future, I can do better, always ! I run marathons, walk deserts, swim on the sea, bike on the mountains ! If I faint, If I fail, If I fall? I will start again. If I am alone ? I am my best friend, I will sing and pray.

This blog is kind a way to erase the pain, the rage, the cowardice. Sometimes I exercise and while I’m doing it, I pray. Sometimes I read and while doing it I left my mind travel to magical places, when I return I feel better. Sometimes I write and while doing it, I think about what I want for me, how I’m a lucky person and how much I wnat to live !This kind of behaviour makes me feel better with myself, cleans my mind and my heart.

Never give up, there always a solution or not…If there isn’t a solution, in those unexpected circunstances there is always a new way, an opportunity to do it better ! =)