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03/23/2021 0 Por happyall

Module 2 – Lesson 3 – The First-person POV & Alienation

Challenge – Write a 400-word story using the first person POV style of unreliable narration

I just open my eyes and was trying to adjust to the light or lack of it. I took the opportunity to feel the space around my body, nothing, “I´m free! I can runaway”, it was my first thought, and then I was on my knees, felt the wall behind me, I turned and follow its extension to my left, I’m left-handed, left is always my first choice! Let’s return to my dark adventure, I followed the wall’s extension until I find something similar to a doorknob, tried, and click, “OMG!” I yelled and my heart started to bump in my chest and I needed to take some breaths to remember that I was not free, yet…I cautiously opened the door, once again adapting my eyes to the light. Different from where I was, there was plenty of light outside, and a narrow corridor, with torches on both sides, quite eccentric, I must say!

I tried to run and at the same time be noiseless, after all, I didn’t know where I was or why I was here!

At my first step, I felt my feet heavy and when I took a look at them I gasped, caught my breath again, and talked to myself., “Why am I wearing boots? Heavy ones, with laces ?” and then I took a look at my outfit and almost faint!! “Why in heaven am I dressed like a pirate?” I talked to myself again. It’s too early for Halloween and I don’t remember being invited to a custome party, I thought and forced myself to move forward.

By the end of the narrow corridor adorned with torches, there was a flight of stairs that I took, and at each step, I start to hear some noise, like someone yelling at another someone. When I finally got to the last step I was not prepared for the scenario presented!

I was in a Pirate Ship, full of crazy pirates yelling and using their spades against each other, and the only way to get out of this craziness was to join them until I find the exit!

I started fighting like a pro, branding my sword, kicking and delivering some punches, always taking care to not cause permanent damage, after all, I am not a bad person! My movements were perfect and I started to think that maybe, I’m not who I think I am!

Suddenly, the air left my lungs, someone kicked my back and I start to fall and landed on the floor of my bedroom, not understanding what just happened!

When I open my eyes again, I was spread on my bedroom floor, aching, because I fell off my bed on my right side! It was a dream!! And not a good one! But there was no more time, I was already late to my History Test about British Expansion in the 18th Century.